Why I Started Blogging Again

Are you really trying your hand at blogging again?  The first blog launch lasted only 15 minutes!

Yes, it is true.  Here I am starting yet another site and blogging again for the second time.  I considered the creation of this blog for months. I had come up with a name, purchased its domain, and added it to my pre-existing GoDaddy hosting plan that was still keeping a few past web design projects alive. Yet and still, there was no movement nor progression forward into what I believed was a good hobby idea.


Why is it taking you so long to write this blog post?  What is MY reason for blogging again anyways?  What purpose would it hold?  What result did I truly desire to see?


Countless times, we make decisions on impulse without carefully considering its costs or the true reasoning behind what we choose. The world encourages us to “be great” with subliminal definitions on what greatness is believed to be, but can its definition be absolute for every human being? Can the created’s definition of greatness trump that of the Creator?

I sat down in front of my computer on many occasions, creating “lifestyle” blog posts that I thought would captivate the interests of others and compel them to follow more from me. I spent hours on Instagram researching blogger hashtags and reviewing the content styles of lifestyle and food bloggers around the world. I came up with somewhat of a game plan and was excited for the limited opportunities that awaited me. This was the second time I was creating a blog and I wanted this one to reflect the other aspects of me, outside of the entrepreneurial spirit that I was so commonly connected to. Yet, something was unsettling and hindering its release.  Then it hit me.

As I sat covered in my blanket on the living room floor for 3am prayer, the words of my Lord resounded subtly in my ears and in my heart.


It is in this moment that I realized that there was a small portion of me that was searching for a replacement to that which I had given up for God himself – my business. Notice, I said MY business and not His, since the vision of a business He gave me over 7 years ago became corrupt by my own intention, desire, and ambition. My life had become the complete opposite of what His will was for my life and our relationship hung deeply in the balance.

Once I hit rock bottom, physically and emotionally, I positioned myself to hear of the offenses I had made towards Him and I began listening to the truth I ignored for years.  I had totally removed Him from the equation of my life, and thus, drastically began spiraling down a dangerous path that my ambition had lead me on.  So, I made a life-altering choice:  I gave up my business and want for human success and surrendered to a life of His ultimate leading.  Nothing was worth dying for!

From this moment on, everything in life for me inwardly began to change. I began eliminating things in my life that no longer served purpose.  I closed the doors of my business and took a regular job to cover my primary living expenses. My thinking of life begin to shift.  I started working on repairing my relationship with my God, not just out of obligation, but out of love.  Once I began to consciously begin making these adjustments, I began to see positive changes in me.

However, there had still been a piece of me hidden in the shadows that was searching for a replacement to my business.  I desired to create something simpler that would fulfill my thirsty, creative nature, yet there was an attention-seeking weed that was still alive in my garden, desiring to stand out and be seen.  I wanted the success of this blog to be my replacement!

Eliminate Your Weeds.

When we make major life adjustments that cause us to let go of things we held dear to us, our human nature longs for a replacement:  a substitute that will feel the void of what was relinquished.  We must constantly renew our minds in the reason for the adjustment and the importance of its necessity. If we are not mindful of such and are not careful, we will subconsciously begin looking for substitutes to what we have given up, versus continuing forward and allowing God to be ultimate Replacement – for He alone is the Great Exchange!

So why continue blogging you may ask?  Well, i’ve discovered its true value to me – a simple avenue of expression and release of my daily musings.  Whatever will be, will be.  Will it always be so serious?  Absolutely not, but now, my heart is in the right place and I have the right perspective.  I don’t need a blog to replace my business because I exchanged a business for God!  Prayerfully, if you are reading this, something I have shared will help you on your journey with Him too. If so, let me know below or here.


Until Next Time…

Be Light. Be Love.

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